Information Resources


Programs Red Tape Slows Use of Foreclosure Aid Capital Times 4/28/10
Bank of America May Receive More Bailout Money NYT 1/14/09
Study Highlights Affects of Evictions on Poor Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1/10/10


Dane County Homeless Report 2007
Dane County Task Force on Racial Disparity in the Justice System
The First Wisconsin Poverty Report 2009 Istitute for Research on Poverty UW-Madison
Dane County Task Force on Poverty 2009
Fourth Annual Homeless Assessment Report by Housing and Urban Development July 2009
Comunity Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness in Dane County Homeless Services Consortium April 2006

Websites With Data and Fact Sheets

Homeless Resource Center
National Coalition for the Homeless Factsheets
Federal Statistics by Topic
Hud Research Postings
Collection of Housing and Poverty related reports on Wisconsin and counties including Dane posted on United Way of Dane County

  1. Stephanie kane

    I would like to get more imformation about join orginzing backing what every i can do, believe what you are doing not only give to the poeople a place to live but down in the city of milwaukee on some blocks we have everyother house boarded up, abandon. I been saying not only the homeless but this too a case of restoring lives, the is a endless that need to be march before the white house to the captiol, it is time we gain our lives

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